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UPVC WINDOW SYSTEMS was started in 1990 by Pat Richards, who became the Sole Distributor for AECI Plastic Systems in Cape Town. The Upvc window and door industry in South Africa was a new concept at the time. AECI Plastic Systems was the first local producer of uPVC profiles for the window and door market in South Africa. Prior to this, imported European products had been used, but were not ideally suited to the South African climatic conditions.

The uPVC industry continued to grow steadily, with Pat Richards becoming one of the pioneers in the Western Cape. Although the main competitor was always the aluminium window industry, Pat remained faithful to the uPVC product, and produced only PVC windows and doors. After time, the product began to speak for itself. As a top quality product, demand increased steadily, with a particular interest being shown amongst overseas investors buying homes in the Cape. These investors contributed considerably to the growing interest of the South African public and were instrumental in generating a steady demand in South Africa.

AECI Plastic Systems then sold the business to PPS Plastic Systems, who have subsequently been taken over by Southern Profiles, currently manufacturing all profiles in Kwazulu Natal.

Whilst aluminium windows appear to be many architects and clients first choice, uPVC windows have, despite being at the top end of the pricing range, become increasingly more popular and readily specified by the South African market. This is undoubtedly a result of the product being well constructed, strong, durable, and completely resistant to the harsh South African climatic conditions.

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Traditional door and window systems manufactured from wood or aluminium have various shortcomings:

- Corrosion
- Rot
- Peeling paint
- Warping

Internationally, innovations within the window and door sectors have resulted in an enormous surge towards PVC in the construction industry. uPVC (unplasticized Polyvinylchloride) products will not yellow or crack with age.

uPVC Window Systems offers a wide range of designs and styles - residential, hotels, commercial and industrial. These products are adaptable, affordable and secure and because of low maintenance are ideal for hotels and hospitals. Contact uPVC Window Systems for new installations and renovations of existing structures.

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After the passing of Pat Richards in 2004, the business was taken over by Owen Clayton, a successful entrepreneur having expertise in many facets of business, in particular the Construction Industry for the past 35 years.

In order to cater for a broader spectrum of clients in the window and door industry, and as a result of increasing request from the public and satisfied clients of uPVC WINDOW SYSTEMS, aluminium windows and doors were introduced as an extension to the product range.

uPVC WINDOW SYSTEMS strives to maintain the high level of service and product quality known to its clients, and will continue to adapt its product range to meet the growing needs of the market, ultimately to the benefit of its current and potential new clients.

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